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Several workshops are offered to individuals who are actively seeking re-employment. These workshops are designed to prepare a job seeker for all aspects of the employment process. Depending on the demand, workshops are conducted weekly at the local OneStop Center or other designated sites. Current workshop offerings are:

Title Description
"Do you really want a job?" A required workshop for individuals seeking immediate employment. Participants complete a Needs Assessment and discuss options with a facilitator.
"Find your passion!" Individuals complete Interest Inventories to determine best career options.
Living on a "Bare-bones" Budget Learn how to make "end meet" on a limited income.
"Put your best foot forward" Discover how to develop a resume that gets you a second glance.
"Let your Resume reflect the BEST YOU" Find out about the different types of resumes and determine which type would best reflect your skills and abilities.
"Sharpen the Saw" (KeyTrain) More and more companies are requiring job applicants to take an assessment as part of their screening process. Participants refresh their skills so they can do their best on these assessments. Also, they can qualify for the SC WorkReady career readiness certificate.
"Do you walk on water? (References) What one of your references says about you can make all the difference in whether or not you get the job. Have you chosen your references wisely?
"How to pique their interest?" Cover letters should indicate how you found out about the job and list specific reasons why you feel that you are a good candidate.
"Your time to shine" It's not always the BEST candidate that gets the job, but sometimes it's the individual who INTERVIEWS the best. Become a great job candidate with great interviewing skills and you can't lose!
"Skeletons in the Closet" We all have them! Those dirty little secrets that could negatively affect our getting a job if the information comes out. Come learn how to address these "skeletons".
Career Portfolios – A Window to
your Accomplishments
Discover what a Career Portfolio is, how it can highlight your abilities and accomplishments, and how it can keep you “one step ahead’ in a recession.
Learn how the computer can become
your best buddy!
This is one job skill you can’t do without! Join us in learning all about the computer and some of the basic ways you can benefit from using it.
Job Networking Club Meet with other job seekers weekly and share tips and leads with one another.

Partner Agencies:
  • AARP Senior Employment Program
  • Carolina Community Actions
  • Catawba Indian Nation
  • Chester Adult Education
  • Chester Housing Authority
  • Lancaster Adult Education
  • Lancaster Fatherhood Project
  • Lancaster Housing Authority
  • Rock Hill District 3 Adult Education
  • SC Department of Social Services
  • SC Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • SC Department of Employment and Workforce
  • Tri-District Adult Education
  • Alston Wilkes Society

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