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Participants who qualify based on skill deficit and financial need can receive retraining services (up to a two-year degree). Placement services to match qualified candidates to local job openings, and to target mature students currently in a field of study relevant to employer needs. No charge to employers for advertisement or placement.
WIOA Rapid Response Incumbent Worker Training Grant(if grant funds are available) Amanda Baker
Catawba Regional Council of Governments
(803) 327-9041
Easy application for training of employees particularly in manufacturing sector. Goal is to help company increase its competitiveness and to avoid and/or prevent potential lay-offs and/or business closures. Must be in SC for at least 1 year and have one or more FT employees and be current on tax obligations. Must provide a Competitive Review of the Company which is conducted at no-charge by SCMEP. Avoid layoffs and/or business closures. Grant funds provide reimbursement of tuition or instructor wages, curriculum development, and training materials only. Equipment purchases, travel and other costs are not reimbursable.
WIOA On the Job Training Anita Eagle
Business Service Manager
Rock Hill
(803) 328-3881
For companies wanting to offset the cost of training new employees. Job profile should be done initially to increase likelihood of getting a job candidate with skills to do the job. Candidates most be WIOA qualified. Up to 75% of trainee's salary paid depending on the size of the company (<100 = 75%; >100 = 50%). Cost of manuals & supplies also covered.  
SCMEP Rhonda Huskins
(803) 367-1812
Provides technical assistance for companies interested in improving top-line growth, bottom-line profitability or needs assistance solving problems. Grant funded assessment tool provides timely feedback at no cost to company. Project based service costs are reduced by grant funding. QUESTLINE service offered at no-cost provides technical, research and information assistance.
Veterans' Administration Visit or call your local SC Works Center to see a veterans' representative. Applicants must be documented veterans. VA approved training programs, such as Line Worker and Truck Driving. On the job training or apprenticeships may qualify. Monthly stipend for living expenses equal to minimum wage for regional starting pay.  
readySC Lucinda Sutton
York Technical College
Ten or more new full-time jobs due to relocation or expansion within service area. Positions should be permanent, pay comparable wages and include health care coverage. Up to 100% of training (instructors' salary, etc.) covered. readySC may
partner w/ CE
to provide training
Department of Commerce: Job Development Credit (803) 737-0400
Ten or more new full-time jobs due to relocation or expansion within service area. Positions should be permanent, pay comparable wages and include health care coverage. Eligible expenditures include new building construction, purchase of existing facility or renovations, improvments to private or public utilities, pollution control equipment, and fixed transportation. $4,000 application fee. The plan must be approved by DOC. Offset of eligible expenditures made 60 days before receipt of approved application or within 5 years of approval. Rebates on company's withholding taxes.  
Job Tax Credit (803) 898-5786 Businesses with 99 or more employees worldwide must create at least 10 new jobs from one year to the next and maintained them in the following year. A job can be one full-time job or two part-time jobs. Businesses of 99 employees or fewer worldwide must create and maintain at least two jobs. Credits claimed in second year after creation of job and available for 5 years per job if job is maintained. Unused credit can be carried forward 15 years. Credit is between $1,500 and $8,000 a year. An additional $1,000 credit for plus $1,000 for jobs located in a business or industrial park, and $1,000 for “brownsfield” jobs. Credit may only offset 50% of taxable income. The three versions of the job tax credits are discussed in the SC Tax Incentives for Economic Development, 2009: http://www.sctax.
pages 27-68.
Enterprise Zone: Retraining Credit York Technical College
(803) 327-8017
The refund of withholdings tax for training is based upon the cost of instruction for production workers/mgrs only. $500 application fee per year. Five year training plan must be approved by DOC. Refund is up to $500 per year or a total maximum of $2,000 per employee to reimburse for training cost (not including trainees' salaries). Intended to train
current staff.
SC Registered Apprenticeship Job Tax Credit Apprenticeship
(803) 397-0278
Company has
Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship(s).
Generally these have a minimum of 2,000 training hours, which 144 hours of classroom training.
$1,000 per apprentice per year of apprenticeship for up to four years. The apprenticeship must have started after 1/1/08 and worked for 7 months of the year in which the tax credit is claimed.  
SC Vocational Rehabilitation Dept Shane Childers
Area Supervisor - Rock Hill / Lancaster

Rock Hill Office
(803) 327-7106

Lancaster Office
(803) 285 6909
Those with a mental or physical problems related to employment can qualify through a Voc Rehab case manager. Career guidance, case management and funds available for qualified students. There are also work training centers that can reduce costs for companies.  

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